Are you unable to find an Eircode? Tips To solve this issue

if you are unable to find the address, try the map. If there is a marker on the map that indicates a building, it is possible to find the Eircode. If the pink dot is not visible on the map,

  • There are chances that your address is not listed by GeoDirectory and therefore was not included in the quarterly update to the Post GeoDirectory so please first confirm it first because Eircode is updated quarterly from GeoDirectory Database.
  • It can take time to add a new address, for example. We would expect this to happen in the next quarterly update or you can contact the department.
  • It’s possible that your address or its location wasn’t captured completely. A Post GeoDirectory must have at least two lines of your postal address.
  • It also needs to contain a principal town and geographical coordinates in order for an Eircode can be assigned. 
  • It can take time to find all information needed for a new build so provide it to the department or wait for them. We would expect any missing information to be added in the next quarterly update of An Post GeoDirectory.
  • It’s possible that the property is a secondary structure without a postal address. In this case, mail may be delivered to one central location and then distributed to other buildings.