How to get or add Eircode on Google Maps [Exact Method]

Your Eircode is not on Google maps? Or is it the wrong Eircode? don’t worry today we will discuss all the solutions to add and use Eircode on Google Maps.

Note: In this Post, I am assuming that You already have your Eircode and want to add in Map. But If you don’t have the code yet then you need to contact to AnPost authority. This is the Authority that provides Eircodes database quarterly. You can contact to AnPost on this email “”.

Exact Steps

  1. So now we have the code and just need to add it on Google Maps. First, open
  2. Then in the Search bar write Your location or city and identify your place.
  3. Now go to “send feedback” a small option right below the side of the map. As mentioned in Screenshot.

Eircode in Google maps

  1. Select the “wrong address” in this options list.

Eircode Finder

  1. Now you can see a complete form from Google. fill it carefully and correctly.

  1. Now you can see a specified field for Eircode so write it correctly in this field. Then click on Edit map.

  1. Here You can see a small red color pin pick it and move it to the exact place for which you are adding this Eircode. Then click on Save it.

Edit Eircode in google Maps

  1. Now click on the Final submit button.

Eircode wrong

So here we have completed our procedure. Now you should wait for a few days and Google will inform you after making these changes and registering the code through email. Then anyone can find your address by just using your Eircode in Google Maps.

Frequently Asked Questions

My Eircode is wrong in Google Maps what to do?

You can follow the same procedure to correct your wrong code. Just add the right code in the Eircode field and keep all other details similar.

If you want to find the Eircode of any address kindly use our utility here.