How to Find an Address with EIRCODE in Ireland [Easy Method]

As we know Eircode system is relatively new and has many benefits but it is still confusing for many people in Ireland. So today we will explain how you can easily find any address with help of Eircode by using our address finder tool.

Note: This tool works properly in all cities or counties in Ireland.


So first of all Go to Our tool: Eircode Finder

  • Now write the Eircode in the same format as given below.

D07 A023

  • The first three letters define a county and the last four letters define a specific building, house, and shop in that county.
  • Now press Submit button.


Address Details Explained

Here we have further explained how to understand a given address.

find eircode

As you can see above image.

  1. In the second row, we can see the complete address where all the details are given in one line.
  2. Like building number is “122” and the street is “Cabra Park” City is “Dublin” county also “Dublin”.
  3. In the below rows you can see details of every part broken down with further details. So that you can understand it easily.

Now you have found the complete address of the given Eircode. Similarly, you can find the Eircode of any address by typing that address in this tool.


It provides exact addresses you can exactly know the address of a house or a shop and find it on Google maps.

It seems like the traditional Ireland postcode system but has many other benefits.

It is supported by Ireland Government to facilitate citizens. We can see further improvements in it in the future.