EIRCODE Finder in Ireland 2023

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you can search, find or verify EIRCODE here just write the address above or write Eircode if you want to check the address.

Examples of EIRCODE:

  • D07 A003
  • D01 TX31

Examples of Addresses:

  • Merrion Square W, Dublin 2
  • O’Connell Street Lower, North City, Dublin 1

Now you can easily find Eircode and addresses in Ireland with help of this Eircode Finder tool. Latest data of all cities available including Dublin and Cork.

Eircode is a smart Postcode finder System that is the best alternative to the traditional postal addresses in Ireland It is a seven characters code that helps to identify every location with an address.

It has replaced the old Ireland postcode system. Now You can find any address information in any county with help of Eircode.

This tool is developed to help you in finding correct addresses with help of EIRCODE. To search just click on the above button and write the Address of any house, or building.

Or you can do vice versa Just enter the code and you can find the address that will be linked to that EIRCODE.

Note: If you are not sure about your business whether it has Eircode or not then just write your address in this tool and It will show if you have an Eircode for your business or house or not. It will help you whenever you buy a place or business.


On Map an Eircode is shows as a pink dot and you can move the marker to any pink dot to show address of a particular place.

This Service is working in the following counties of Ireland

Dublin Donegal Galway
Cork Kerry Clare
Cavan Carlow Wicklow
Wexford Westmeath Tipperary
Kildare Waterford Sligo
Roscommon Kilkenny Laois
Limerick Leitrim Longford
Mayo Louth Monaghan
Offaly Meath

Eircode Finder

Note: This site is only for information purposes. we don’t have any link with any Government department.

Do you want an Eircode?

If you have bought a new place or business and want a new Eircode then just wait. The Data updates four times every year in the months of May, August, November, and February. Data supplied to the tool by the local geo directory to it will be updated automatically within 1,2 months.

You just need to confirm if your address has the following things.

  • Geographic coordinates
  • Principal post town
  • Must contain at least two lines of the postal address

If you have fulfilled this information then just wait and you will receive all the information.

Eircode Finder Dublin

This Article provides all the step-by-step procedures to get the correct address with help of Eircode.

How to find Eircode in Google Maps?

In 2017 Eircodes have become part of Google maps so now you can find an Eircode or an address with help of Google Maps in Ireland. You will also notice an Eircode on all famous addresses you see on Google maps.